About the Workshop

This workshop aims at bringing together experts in the field of Cognitive Control and Performance Monitoring, to honour the memory of Laurence Questienne, a bright researcher that abruptly passed away in May 2018. Laurence performed her PhD at the ULB with Wim Gevers. At the time of her accident, Laurence was performing a post-doc in the lab of Boris Burle (CNRS, Aix-Marseille Université).

We, Wim Gevers and Boris Burle, see no better way to honour her life and work than by jointly  organising a two-day scientific meeting of high quality.

The work of Laurence can be situated in the domain of cognitive control where she was interested in the question how we are able to monitor our own performance during conflict tasks.

We thank all internationally renowned researchers listed below that accepted their participation to the workshop. With such a strong list of speakers, we can only look forward to the interesting discussions at the workshop.

Take care,
 Wim and Boris




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